Threat of Care Home Closing


New member
Oct 20, 2023
Hi everyone,
I am new to this Forum, although I really wish I had known about it before. My post is in conjunction with Laura40's post about losing a care home. I am desperately hoping & actively doing everything I can to prevent the wonderful care home my Mum lives in, along with Helen's Husband John from closing down. This is the 3rd home my Mum has lived in & finally she is in a place where she is happy & very well looked after & I no longer worry about what is happening to her when I am not there. Her dementia is now advanced & she has many other health issues & her health is deteriorating day by day. I am watching her fade away & every time I visit, a little bit more of her has gone. She is now immobile & none verbal, but she smiles & to see that is just wonderful because I know she still knows me. My Mum is too poorly & too unstable to move & the worry & dread of this happening is immeasurable. The effect a move would have on her would be devastating. My Mums home along with another, owned by the local Council is under threat of closure & as a collective we are doing everything in our power to get the Council not to do this. We need as much publicity as we can as we try & make the Council listen to us. So please help us to highlight this & urge the Council not to close my Mum's home.