things that change


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Dec 7, 2004
i went to see my sister today as i am still trying to get it in my head about this illness.
whenever i see her see doesnt seem too bad but from talking to my b/i/law today he has told me that the worst time for them both is on a morning when she gets up,she wonders about naked if she doesnt want to wear certain things etc also on a night she gets unsettled then about 7 she goes to bed .is that because she may feel safe there?
she now has started not eating her dinner,she picks at it and 9/10 it has to be thrown away but give her sweet things and she will eat all day.
i hope all this makes sence but does this sound like what is happening the sufferers that you care for?


Dear Scooby

I suspect most of us have experienced what you are talking about at some time or another. No two days are the same. I couldn't begin to tell you why it happens - what triggers those particular actions. I do know you can't fight them because all sense of reason has gone when this happens. Perhaps somebody else on here will have better information. It is all so devastating, isn't it.

Try to be careful with the sweet things though - Mum developed diabetes type 2 as a result of eating too many sweet things. I only discovered this at a later date. Try buying low sugar products. I'm not suggesting this will happen, but better safe than sorry.

It sounds to me like some serious professional help is needed. None of you can go on like this much longer.

Sorry I haven't been much help, really.

Thinking of you