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They don't breve what iam saying


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Feb 4, 2015
My nan has had vascular dementia for 3 years and is at stage 1/2 I know a lot about Alzamers and dementia as I have read a lot spook to Alzamers and memory clinic. She had an operation a couple of weeks ago on her arm both her sun and daughter sed her Alzamers is getting worse. I have tried to explain that the opp has took it out of her and her s w agreed. They just don't believe it that only see the Alzamers and not there mom any ideas would be a help.

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Dec 7, 2013
Buffalo, NY, USA
Operations and hospital stays can have a dramatic effect on people with dementia. In some cases, general anesthesia causes a decline which may be temporary or permanent. Somewhat separate from that is hospital or post-operative delirium. Searching on the term "delirium" will get you some information to help you distinguish what is happening (hallucinations and agitated behavior are common). Hope your nan rallies soon.


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Jun 6, 2011
The nitrous oxide in anaesthetics use up vitamin B12 in your body and without sufficient B12, your brain doesn't work well.

You could buy a bottle of B12 supplements in the supermarket or health food store and give it to Nan daily and see if that helps. I don't believe it will do her any harm but if you have worries about doing that, then see if you can take her to the doctor and ask for her B12 levels to be checked by a blood test.

Some older people are not good at digesting B12 from tablets however, and they can be helped by regular injections from the doctor.

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