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The Toilet


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Apr 28, 2015
Audrey visits the toilet 60/70 times a day.Obviously a problem when going out. I buy special panties for her. Any ideas welcome on how to cut down on viits to the loo.


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Jan 20, 2011
I sympathise. My mum developed this habit some years ago when she was in hospital. It was caused by anxiety that she would have an accident. Fortunately she stopped when she returned home. It was very hard to distract her while the obsession was uppermost in her mind. It seemed to be the most important thing to her, more important than anything else. I suppose it was a way for her to feel in control of her body.

This may sound counterintuitive, but I would get Audrey to drink more water. Her bladder and ladybits may be irritated by strong urine, or a urine infection. More water dilutes the urine and washes away bacteria. If she is not on Warfarin, give her cranberry juice to drink, or add cranberries to food. They kill off bacteria in the bladder.

If she is wearing incontinence products all the time this creates an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply. Could she manage without them at home and wear cotton pants during the daytime?
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Jan 4, 2014
Is it possible that she is suffering from cystitis ?


I had this very common infection myself once and felt as if I wanted to go to the loo ALL the time, even immediately after I'd been...

As Katrine suggests, drinking more liquid (especially cranberry juice) was the cure for me... (I drank buckets!!!) but perhaps having a urine sample tested is a first step ?

I hope Audrey overcomes this soon....



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Mar 13, 2014
Certainly worth discussing with GP if you haven't already. Must be a nightmare for both of you.

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