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The great slipper issue


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Sep 14, 2014
Our mother went into nursing/EMI care just over four months ago. We are fortunate that it appears to have worked out well. Mum now has the appropriate care 24/07, she is socialising and would even appear to have made friends. She has even put on weight. So all is well.

Since her move into care we have bought her some new clothes that are more appropriate for living in a home. They are easier to get on, comfortable and easy to wash. Apparently everything is washed at a high temperature. We have even got her to wear trousers which solves the stockings issue. When she wears a skirt we are currently trying a type of hold-up.

The next issue on the agenda is - slippers. Despite a long bib she still gets food down herself and sometimes on her slippers. Whilst her current slippers a spongable this is not a quick job. We have been requested to get something that is washable. There is a model of toweling type full slipper that many of the ladies in the home wear and we initially went for this one. The advantage of these as well as being washable is that they are cheap so if they have to be replaced it will not break the bank. However, we are concerned that once they have worn in they will become sloppy and too big for mum leading to falls. Mum is currently mobile and walks about alot. We are keen to keep her mobile and safe as well as comfortable and maintain her dignity. We also have to ensure that they are comfortable as she has had sore feet in the past. Her current slippers include a pair with a velcro tab to keep them on her feet, a pairs of close fitting embroidered velvet ones and we have just taken in a pair of wipeable vinyl ones which are like a house shoe. Any suggestions regarding slippers/house shoes would be welcome.

I feel sure you guys will have come across this before.


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Ive got mum these ones as she has swollen feet and they are adjustable. To be fair, they havent been washed in mums CH yet, so I dont know how they would hold up to the high temperatures. If something needs washing that Im not sure about whether it can be washed in the CH (like her anorak) I must say that I sneak it home to wash and bring it back later



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May 18, 2014
I have just ordered a pair of bootee style slippers with rubber soles from Amazon, for my mum. same problem here, her slippers become loose and I worry she may fall. When these new slippers arrive I intend to get them down to cobbler to have the silly bow tie replaced with Velcro 'strap' just above the ankle so that they can be as tight or loose as she wants.


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
Hi. You could try some waterproof slippers, I found some on Amazon and Chums. those that I've seen can be wiped clean or washed but probably not at high temperature. I don't know if they will be suitable for your Mum


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Mar 1, 2013
West Hertfordshire
this suggestion Does depend what size she is.
These start at a 6 because officially they are mens

I can vouch for these, mums used to get a lot more than dinner on them I can assure you.........!

They washed and washed and washed

at £5 a pair and available on the High street, so easily replaceable.

We had green, grey and blue all on the go, matched most thing

Shoe zone- Hobos



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Apr 24, 2013
Jessbows link has only a size 12 left but if you put Hobos Canvas shoes onto a search you will get the same shoes in various sizes and colours on Amazon.

Good buy it seems from the reviews.


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Feb 25, 2014
Radcliffe on Trent
Just a different angle, but my mum's chiropodist advised against mum wearing any kind of slippers all day, even when indoors. In her view there was a greater risk of falls (and mum's mobility was already poor, she moved with a 'shuffling' gait) and the slippers were also causing small but painful corns.

She recommended mum wore her 'Hotter' shoes which had a secure Velcro strap so her feet were held in the correct position and didn't slide about or rub against her feet. They could be wiped clean too rather than having to be washed.


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Apr 13, 2015
Would something like Crocs work? Your mum could wear socks in them to keep her feet warm and the Crocs are very easy to wipe down.

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