The eleventh hour beneficiary


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Aug 29, 2005
Hello to this forum,I hope that you will allow me to present my situation, my father died four years ago,he made a Will when he was not compus mentus?
The principal beneficiary, I believe had taken advantage of my Dad's dementia,
the legal profession claim that his Myeloma was managed by blood transfusions?no mention of the fact that after ten months he was diagnosed with severe cognitive impairment, my Dad did not know what day it was?

How long does the dementia take to develope? from stage one to stage seven, my late fathers medical records indicate 'confusion, and 'hallucinations' up to and including, his so called ability to write a Will.

If only I could find somebody, non legal, who can comment on my late fathers medical state and condition? any help would be appreciated.



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Jul 28, 2005
south london
this is an interesting post, not sure if it is in the correct forum.

A fear that I have is that somebody may have taken advantage of my mum's condition and at sometime in the future may pop up with a will that nobody knows about.

I think the time that it takes for dementia to progress varies in every case.

my mum was diagnosed with alzheimer's 5 years ago and she is still in a reasonably good state. not sure if legally she is in a state whereby she could make a valid will though, sometimes she thinks I am her dead brother.