Thank you for the birthday wishes.


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Mar 21, 2006
A late night sign on the internet to check mail, revealed i had one new message, from Alzheimers Talking Point, wishing me happy birthday.. thank you...:rolleyes:

My original venture here, an age ago, perhaps, at least it seems, was a time of extreme confusion for me, and reaction to events, regarding my dear mother, Evelyn.

In March, 2006 after some years of loosing her to dementia slowly but surely, she accidentally set fire to herself, in her bed one evening. Although my brother and i were there, heard the fire alarm and were able to deal with the immediate consequences, thanks to speedy reactions by us and the emergency services, it was the last evening she would be in her own home again. Though the burns were significant, and required skin grafts, she survived them, her body healed, but her mental condition now meant she could not be left unsupervised ever again.She did not feel the pain, or realise the danger of fire, we discovered her laughing, quite and completely on fire.

In August 2006, at the nursing home, she left us, peacefully, while sleeping.

Its still hard for me to deal with loosing her, i guess i will never really come to terms with the conditon that took her, or how useless i felt. If you understand, that as an engineer, my life is spent solving problems and finding solutions, then not being able to "fix" things, so close to me, was and is a heavy burden.

I found this, just before Christmas, that she had written in a card, some years ago, when her mind was still with her.

"Looking back to the wonderfull time`s we have shared together
Makes me look forward to the beautifull times ahead, god willing.

Treasure of memories.

A very special happiness.

Everyone needs someone to share the things they do.
Everyone needs someone and that someone is you.

So much happiness you`ve given me, since we have met,
Your smile lights my days with joy,
and your love lights my life.

When i think about the happiness that we have shared,
and all the things you`ve said and done,
to show, how much you cared,

I can`t help feeling lucky and gratefull."

Evelyn - 1930 - 2006

Happy new year, to you all, from a happy birthday....memories are made of this.


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Aug 9, 2005
This is a beautiful post and a lovely testimonial to your Mum. My heart goes out to you as you remember her - I too lost a parent (Dad) last year, so I can identify with your thoughts. Thank you for sharing them with us. May you have a good year ahead in 2007. Nell