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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Wondered if it would be helpful for carers to share some of the 'fibs' (sorry, tactics!) we use to coax people into taking meds/food/fluids ....

With my main concern currently to get as much fluid into mum as possible to clear an infection alongside her anti-biotics and doc's advice for mum for no caffeine (bowel spasm) ..no milk or milk based foods (anti-phlegm) ... sudden dramatic change of diet was required ...... how to get her to drink a glass of diluted cordial at best when only tea with lots of milk (or something alcoholic!) would do previously? Answer - crystal glass .... flavoured slightly sparkling water ... looked just like a G&T :eek:....... went down easy!!!!!!;)

Mum now believes her liquid anti-bios are such a special drink she is only 'allowed' a couple of spoonfuls at a time (well done my son for the inspiration on that one!) .... and so have become a 'treat' and not something to try to avoid .......

I'm constantly learning ... and need to learn quickly again how to get mum through this ...... I am sure many people have lots of tips and creative ways they have overcome resistance .. anyone care to share?

Thanks, Karen, x


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Mar 23, 2008
coast of texas

with mom being in the late stages I have learned. Your mom may not be able to do milks so my best trick won't do for her. When mom purses those lips and no real food will get inside I retrieve asmall bowl of ice cream. Mouth opens wide and after a few spoonfuls she is happy to finish her real meal and then go back to dessert. You might try using a sorbet instead of ice cream ssince they are made with juices.

When I can't get mom to drink fluids I know she will suck on an icee pop. (A childs frozen flavored drink....usually comes in a inch wide tubular type package about 12 inches long)

Her pills I smash into dust and put ontop of her favorite dessert.

I have a sippy cup for mom to help with no spills and keeping in her mouth . I f she doesn't want to drink I can ggently push the sippy area between her lips and force at least a few sips, after that she will at least take 2-4 more sips.

When I buy food (I keep baby food on hand) I make sure that water is the second ingredient. When I make her food and have to puree it I use a 2 to 1 ratio (food to water)

Believe me it can get to be all day job just to get 1000 calories and 16 ounces of water down her. Especially since we are supposed to drink 64 to 72 ounces of water a day!

I've also learned that on a good day when the eyes are wide open to take advantage of getting those extr calories in.


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
I haven't had that problem, John can still eat and drink for Scotland, but I have picked up a few tips from going in at meal times.

Ice creams, sorbets, ice lollies, anything chilled always go down well -- preferably make your own lollies, pure juice, no artifical colours or flavours.

Whipped jellies -- lighter than set ones.

Mousses and milk puddings made with fortisip powder.

Juices thickened with thickening agent (sorry, don't know the name) and fed with a spoon.


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Mar 23, 2008
coast of texas

Moms pills have never been slow release. Here in the states most slow release are capsules. Her dr. and other dr.s have agreed that capsules should not be given to alzheimer patients as they pose a problem with choking and do not dissolve easily in the stomache. They stay away from them and her first dr. had told me in the very beginning to argue a few points with health providers.

1....Never allow capsules

2....Never let someone tell me what I will do if it against my better judgement. (Had to relearn that one recently.)

3....Never give up

4....Learn the back door, because with every closed door is a doggy door waiting to be found. (It took her getting into later stages for me to realize what he meant.)

The name of the thickener is called Thick-It. I have found that with mom on really bad days it works but when she is having a relatively good day she prefers her drinks as they should be as she swishes it around in her mouth before she swallows.

Grannie you are right on the slow release, the other thing you have to watch for is that some meds should be given at seperate times to get full potential.


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Jul 2, 2006
Newport, Gwent
Hi Kaz

I am so pleased that things are looking a bit brighter for you and mum.

Well you know we were all a miserable failure on the medicatiion front, so no advice honey.

However mum is not eating anymore except the odd bit of ice cream or some desert, so fluids intake is a big concern, cordial is quite a fave, and lemonade.

You could try Soya milk in her tea, but I would go for the one with apple juice in it, its a bit sweater. All sorts of soya yoghurts available in the supermarkets too. I have a juicer and make up drinks using all sorts of veg and fruit and mix with ice cubes, you could tell mum they are a special cocktail.

I think its a case of trial and error, I have found that things mum didnt like, such as chocolate, she now goes for.

I am sure you will be able to come up with all sorts of creative ideas.

Love and hugs

Cate xxx