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Talking to oneself


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Apr 8, 2018
THis is 'Spooky' I haven;t been onTP a while
I have just posted the following on another forum
Do You Talk to Yourself????????
I often envy people with dogs, It gives them a good excuse to talk to themselves
When you live on your own it seems natural to me that I will speak what I am thinking
So for example I say’s to myself ‘Right I’ll put the kettle on ‘
Where is all this leading up to ??????
I am rather deaf and wear two hearing aids
When the battery is running out a voice in the hearing aid says repeatedly “Battery Low -Battery Low “and it gets very irritating I will often growl “ all right I B heard you”
Yesterday while walking up the street the aid starts “ Battery —————etc “
subconsciously I mutter “ all-right I B heard you “ when a voice behind me said
Sorry sir I didn’t say anything .Are you all right
How can you explain to somebody that you are talking to your hearing aid without proving beyond doubt that I am a doddery old sod
Such is life
Hi I too have 2 hearing aids and when the battery is running down it plays a tune rather like a huge sigh ,having said that I’m always being told off by the family to “ put your aids in” but I often don’t because I rather like my silent world. is that very selfish of me ;) A x

Sad Staffs

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Jun 26, 2018
My mum was an identical twin too @Sad Staffs. My friends could never tell them apart when we were growing up. My mum also died first and my aunt filled her shoes for not only me but the rest of the family too. I'd always been closest to my aunt and we'd had a "mother/daughter" relationship for many years, even more so after mum died.

I still talk to both of them - mostly in my head but sometimes out loud. I have aunts granddaughter clock, which doesn't chime anymore. I don't talk to that though - maybe I'll try it :p
Hi @Bunpoots
I think you should get your clock to chime... it will talk to you again. I had my aunts serviced by an ancient man in a little house. He charged me £100 and told me it wasn’t worth spending the money! I was so miffed.... I told him it was worth more than money to me as it’s my aunt and she needs to start talking to me and her twin again! His face was a picture! But he did a grand job on the clock.
My childhood was a lovely warm one... my dad was a local butcher and gosh everyone loved him. My moms twins husband was a most unpleasant man, he hated my mom because the twins loved each other so much. Each twin had two girls very close in age. So, because my uncle spent most of his life cavorting with other women, Dad took the twins and us 4 girls on holiday, picnics, Easter and Christmas together. So there were 7 in my Dads marriage, and we all loved our life together... so simple and so happy.
Love Bx

Sad Staffs

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Jun 26, 2018
My sister is eleven years older than me but I do look a lot like her as I am getting older. When my grandson P first met her he weighed her up carefully and said “I don’t like your haircut Granny”.

He knew there was something different about his granny and to a three year old that was the explanation.

On the talking to yourself bit - I live inside my own head all of the time - being a Glaswegian though you can’t go fifty yards without someone engaging you in conversation. We talk to a ridiculous extent here.
Hi @marionq, lovely story. I have noticed how much we morph into our siblings, and our mothers, as we age. But I think it has to be a more mature age rather than middle age. I notice it more and more with my cousins. The way they speak, gestures, actions etc. I’m in particular thinking of my one cousin who looked very much like her father all her life, spitting image, her sibling was like her mother. Now, she has become so much like her sister, almost identical, it’s uncanny.
Now I’m waffling so I’ll go talk to my clocks!
Love Bx


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Aug 7, 2017
I talk to my cat, sometimes I talk back for my cat, I believe there's a name for that. Anyway he doesn't moan at me like a teenager does (which is the only other person in the house). Like a lot of people here I've always talked to myself, don't know if it's an only child thing, my daughter does it too. It helps me think things through.


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Sep 6, 2017
I do it all the time, sometimes I get a sensible answer. I talk to my mum quite a lot especially about dad because I know she would understand and she would be happy that he is happy. Occasionally I have asked her to take him with her. I think she would understand that too.