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Surgery tomorrow


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Jan 21, 2014
Florida, USA
Greetings from Florida. Just came back from the hospital doing my preoperation check in. I'm having a five hour surgery tomorrow. Hoping to only stay one or two nights. My family is going to stay with me around the clock and shifts so that I am not alone. I am not afraid of the surgery, but today I'm very anxious and concerned about being under Anestesia that long. Last time I had a hard time coming out of it, I have no idea I was in the hospital.

I'm trying to stay positive, doing prayers and meditation ... Recuperation time will be 6 to 12 weeks .... I'm glad I have somewhere like here to talk about my feelings and get support


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Jan 29, 2009
Healing and Supportive vibes through the ether for a successful surgery and a good, smooth recovery Irishgirl, take care x


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Jan 27, 2016
Washington, DC USA
I know how you feel. I use to take an low dose anti-anxiety tablet that would dull my senses for a day. I can not imagine what anesthetic do but here's what I do know,
1. You will be relaxed
2. You will be comfortable
3. You will wonder why you had so much anxiety because you will be alright.


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Mar 26, 2011
Near Southampton
Best wishes for later today Irish Girl.
I hope you feel better after the anaesthetic than you did last time.
Also I hope for a speedy and well-supported recovery. x