Struggle to get GP support


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Feb 16, 2024
My mother has vascular dementia and my father cares for her. She often complains of headaches and nausea but we are struggling to engage our local GP to provide support. Due to her dementia it is better for her to have the same doctor rather than any number of different people but recently we have not been able to get to speak to or see her regular doctor. I feel we need a regular face to face check up with the GP (or someone) just to check that there isn't something else going on that we attribute to the dementia. I fully understand she isn't going to get better but I worry (not being a medical professional) I have no idea whether some of her issues could be an underlying infection or some other issue.
I'm not sure where to turn with this so if anyone could help that would be great. Maybe we need a private nurse or someone to complete some regular checks but I just can't get any assistance from the local GP practice. My Dad cares for her and he gets very frustrated and depressed about not being able to get the support he needs.

Monday’s child

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Aug 24, 2022
In your situation I would contact the surgery and raise your concerns with them ask to speak to the practice manager. There is also a service whereby the NHS will provide someone to help your parents and speak up for them Age Uk should also be able to offer advice and may have someone to help you directly in your area 0800 055 6112
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Oct 21, 2019
I am imagining being a GP and in comes an elderly lady with dementia and I am expected to determine why she is getting headaches and nausea .

So my first thought would be ‘ she isn’t drinking enough and the family haven’t noticed, and after that a stream of possible causes!

I would prepare some simple paperwork that documents when she has headaches and feels sick. ( 7am to 10pm, write every hour to record what happens or doesn’t happen. If you could attend an appointment with this you may be taken more seriously. I would do this every day. In addition I would for a least one week keep a comprehensive food and fluid intake chart.

Are the headaches a new occurrence?
Do they happen at certain times of day?
When did she have the last MRI?
Do you know she is drinking the fluids she is given?
Is her body language indicating pain or could she be saying‘I have a headache ‘ which actually means ‘ get out of my face’?

@Monday’s child gives good advice. I would certainly want some blood tests, and possibly an MRI . And if you have the money then do it privately and good luck to you. That way if something happens to your mum you will always know you did your best.