Stages of AZ


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Jun 13, 2008
:confused:Just read a thread that mentioned "Stage 7". what are the stages and where can I get info to find where mum is? How many stages are there in this awful disease?



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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Julie,

This thread is about the stages, and there is a link to a document describing the stages

Bear in mind that people don't ususlly fit exactly into a stage, but can show signs from several stages at the same time, or move backwards or forwards depending on whether or not it's a good day.

Also the length of time in each stage varies from person to person.

It's only a guide to what to expect.


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Nov 16, 2007
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Hello Julie,

Hazel has given you the link..and good advice..

From personal experience I'd like to add that the professionals (in our case)...will not tell you at what stage your mum is..

Because Alzheimers Disease is so different for each individual nobody can predict or say where exactly the sufferer is on the scale..

TP is a good place to be..and we all support each other..and gain information....and share thoughts and experiences..

Keep posting..and asking..we'll help if we can....:)

Love gigi xx


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Mar 23, 2008
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Gigi and Hazel hit in on the head. The stage theory was set up more for our benefit than for the medical world. They use a whole different set-up....when you look at the stages bear in mind that when some of us speak in reference to those it is to let the others know how far we have gone.

Medical issues can also cloud where someone is at. Today your mother may be a stage 3 but next week seem to have skipped to 5 simply because of a urinary tract infection, allergies or what-not. A person can also be pushed past a few stages because a health concern has happened an example would be someone having a stroke, which effects the brain.

Don't let the stages alarm you, they are examples. I know I would refer to stage 7 was at the point she was fetal (her arms and legs were contracting from lack of use) was doubly incontinent, had a catheter, had to be fed baby food and sipped only her drinks, her breathing was loud....all very graphic and a stage I can honestly say I do not wish on anyone.

Julieann, the best way to approach this disease is to learn everything you can about it...make yourself the the expert, your dr. won't be and when you can challenge him with your knowledge your patient will get better care.