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Feb 19, 2009
Torquay Devon

Elaine : Come here and i will show you how to do it?

Me : It doesn't matter how many times you show me i wont remember, i wish i could!

Elaine : When we get there remind me we haven't got any washing powder left and need some
Me : Err, me remind you ??
Elaine: you have left the bathroom light on AGAIN !!
Me: i have dementia ! what am i supposed to do ?
And so it goes on, WHY ?? Because we are only Human. I know this won't be popular with some, but when i see the Do's and Don'ts lists of what to do when in the company of someone with dementia, do they REALLY think it happens like that in real life?? do they think that we are all THAT even tempered and have the patience of saints??
This applies to both those with dementia and carer`s alike. The list these people produce should be headed up as GUIDELINES only because with the best will in the world, when someone asks you the same question again and again it going to get on your nerves SIMPLE !!> I once wrote " When i was first diagnosed, i thought the whole world was wrong and i was right as i kept getting told what i was doing or saying wasnt right !! Turns out the WHOLE WORLD was right and i was wrong!! But it took a diagnosis to realise this, and even then some dont believe it.
But i just wanted to assure all you incredible carers / carvivers / loved ones out there that it really is OK NOT TO BE OK and you WILL get frustrated and be short tempered, you are only HUMAN after all, and if anybody else tells you different they are LYING !!
The guilt monster who sits on your shoulder is the worst one of all, it will whisper in your ear you're not supposed to shout, get mad, get frustrated, please make sure you turn round and shout at it " its ok for your, YOU'RE not the one going through this!!!
I hope this helps and always remember, you are angels that walk this earth and who have to look after the likes of us, for that we are eternally grateful
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May 19, 2019
Thank you for sharing @Norrms - You sound very courageous and level headed despite the difficult circumstances. Evidently the world is not like the glossy broches both patients and caregivers have been handed out.. if only it was that easy hey? Stay strong.