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So cross with care agency


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Oct 7, 2014
Mum has carers twice a day. She usually lets them in the front door herself but if the carer arrives when she's still in bed there is a key to the back door in the keysafe outside which they use. I have hidden Mum's back door key as she was inclined to leave the doors locked, with the keys on the inside, meaning no-one could get in in case of emergency. On Thursday she had a new carer for both visits who locked her in the house and put the key in the key safe. Mum rang me to say that "someone" had been to the door, locked it and taken the key away. I have to confess I thought it was a ploy to get someone to go round as her daycare had been cancelled on Thursday so I just reminded her where her spare key was. I live 80 miles away from Mum so I can't just pop round. Yesterday I visited Mum and discovered that the regular carer had found the front door key in the keysafe. So Mum was right after all! I called the agency and although they were very apologetic they did say that they had some clients who were locked in between visits. Surely this can't be acceptable?


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May 21, 2014
No it absolutely isn't acceptable, not without having made a DoLS assessment first and having spoken to you. What would happen if a fire broke out and she couldn't leave the flat?


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May 18, 2014
No, no, no and they probably thought you would accept that. Care agencies and their staff seem to be making some serious errors and 90% of the time getting away with it!