Sliding off chairs


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Jul 27, 2020
I'd appreciate some thoughts and advice please on what to do as my Dad has started sliding out of chairs onto the floor in his Care Home.
It has happened 4x in the past month. He hasn't had any injuries but I'm getting very worried.
The latest incident happened in his bedroom not the Communal lounge.
Once he was asleep and slid , on another occasion he had his feet elevated on a footstool and tried his legs off and get up.
Dad is still mobile and he walks very slowly and with a shuffle.

He has advanced Alz , swollen legs and feet from Oedema and is doubly incontinent ( made worse by recent increase in Bumetanide tablets for the Oedema )
The chairs he sits in are plastic , wipe clean ones .

I'm wondering if this is a sign of further progression of his Alz?
Or could it be physical?
A couple of months ago there was an incident where he refused Personal Care and got physical ( not unusual )with Carers and dropped to the ground ( would this be connected to the now sliding ?)

I'm asking the Care Home for their thoughts on what can be done as I'm just being informed about it.
Dads self funding .
I am obviously concerned about him injuring himself and feel it is a safety issue.

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Mar 1, 2013
a chair with pommel is one answer, not ideal though.
Non slip mat in chair may work.

My friends husband kept sliding off the leather sofa on his pressure cushion. Non slip mat keeps the cushion ( And F!) in place. The stuff we bought came from Ikea, and was a rug anti slip mat - came in a roll.

cheap as Chips, worth a try


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Feb 25, 2014
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Is he slipping off the chair onto the floor, or is he putting himself there?

There was a chap in mums care home who used to purposely put himself on the floor. The staff used to place warning barriers around him to stop other people accidently falling over him until he indicated that he wanted to get up again.

If he is slipping off, then an anti-slip mat (as mentioned by Jessbow) or a chair that tips back slightly (perhaps with a foam wedge on the seat) might be the answer.
BTW, does he have Restless Leg Syndrome? I read an article once that suggested that the constant movement might cause them to slip off chairs

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
You can get wedge seat cushions which might help @tilly 13

They are really meant for people with back problems to be used with the deepest part at the back of the seat but used the other way round could stop someone sliding off the chair.

I would check on this first to make sure you will not be hurting your dad`s back if it is used the other way round.