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Sleepiness during the day

Chris Edgerton

Registered User
Oct 22, 2003
Warwick District
Mother in EMI home with AD.

In the last month she has been sleeping during the day. Some times in a very deed sleep – does no awaken with mild stimulation. When awake, will quickly fall asleep again. Although at time does remain awake – say for a walk or a game.

Any comments out there?



Registered User
Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Hi Chris, this does happen, but you could just check that she is not being overmedicated if you can. Is she eating and drinking normally and does she sleep at night? Love She. XX

Michael E

Registered User
Apr 14, 2005
Ronda Spain
Cris hi,

If it's any help my wife sleeps like it's going our of fashion - she wakes briefly in the morning but then sleeps till at least noon and frequently to 13 0r 14.00.
Have spoken to her GP about it but he says it's not unusual.




Registered User
Sep 26, 2005
Its worth just asking the GP to check her out. It could just be AD but there might be other problems as well. I'm thinking of a thyroid problem (easily sorted with some medication) Other symptoms of this are putting on weight, extra facial hair / whiskers in a lady and feeling cold.

Best wishes