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Shocking Behaviour


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Feb 6, 2014
Mum lives in living assisted accommodation and at mid stage.

Today I visited and took her out to town. We had lunch where she asked at least 6 times had we paid...

We then went for a wander round the town and there was a guy giving out campaign leaflets for the election. Mum went right up to his face and said "if I had a knife I would slit your throat". I was absolutely horrified. I apologised to the poor guy and took her home.

Before this disease she was fairly meek and mild and would never ever spoken like that.

Has anyone else experienced this and would you say its a sympton of mid stage or is the view that she may be getting worse..?


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Dec 8, 2011
North West
I think even an expert would need to know a lot more about your mum before even attempting to answer such questions, though I fully understand why you have asked.

Has she said anything remotely like this before? If not, you may not see anything like it again. Something going on in her head probably triggered the response but it would be impossible for anyone to say what.

No doubt you'll be anxious about this for a while - anyone would be - but you may well find that you look back on it in the future as an embarrassing one-off.


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Mar 6, 2007
Wigan, Lancs
Kez, as Stanley says, it's difficult to know what could have triggered such a response. Most of us have experienced such an episode, and I expect both your mum and the chap in question will forget about it long before you.

If this is unusual behaviour for your mum you might think about having her checked for an infection such as a UTI. If this is a general downturn in condition, and you think people won't recognise that your mum's behaviour is as a result of dementia you could gently explain, or even have cards printed to hand out if you feel that saying something out loud would upset your mum.