Sharing tears and laughter


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Jan 30, 2008
A big thank you to everyone who replied to my previous post 'Horror Stories'
My mum has been commenced on Quetiapine so hopefully this will be benificial to her. Anything that may help is worth a try.
It makes such a difference to know that other people are facing similar circumstances, and like myself they are finding it difficult to cope.Prior to mum's illness I never thought for one minute that 'Finding it difficult to cope' would be a term of speech I would use or admit to.
My heart goes out to some of you and I also send lots of hugs and kisses.
Although people with dementia are individuals with different problems, and at different stages of their illness. We as carers are united in our quest to ensure that we do the best for our loved ones.
Hopefully we can all support each other through our dificult times by sharing our tears and our laughter.
Thank you everyone.
Loris xxx


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Jul 31, 2007
Dear Loris,
From Horror Stories to sharing tears and laughter at least here on Talking Point, somewhere along the line we have been able to help.
May you have many more days of the latter, it sure does make life as a Carer a little easier.
Very best wishes