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Aug 11, 2012
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hi Im yorkylover,not because I love the chocolate bars but because I adore yorkshire terriers.

My mum has been suffering from memory loss since having a heart problem that only came to light when she had a siezure and was rushed into hospital where she was fitted with a pacemaker.The brain was starved of oxygen for some time and they think this was the cause of the memory problem.This happened in 2011.

Since this mum has got worse with her memory,her conversations,moods are very up and down.The doctor treated her for anxiety and depression.

Now she is under the older peoples mental health and recently had some tests done by a psychotherapist and we are now waiting for reports to come back and have an appointment on the 6th March.But we have been told it does look like dementia.

Frome reading this website she has all the classic signs,but not sure how advanced she is.

As a family we are still coming to terms with it all,and I myself cannot take it all in.

I felt I needed to join here as I know in the future I shall be needing some support and guidance for my family.

I suffer from anxiety and in the past panic attacks,mum was always there for me and now Im there for her.My husband at 49 had a stroke last May but Im pleased to say made a full recovery so finding things a bit difficult at times.

I live in the Fareham area of Hampshire.

Your story is so similar to mine, the only difference being that it was thought that an infection was causing my mother's memory problems. But after the infection was cured, the problems persisted and got worse too.

A diagnostic of dementia is always devastating, and you can only take it in bits at a time, slowly absorbing it. For me, learning as much as I could about the disease gave me courage to face it, understanding it more and being less scared of it, like describing a nightmare in the light of day. Best of luck, and do continue to visit this forum.