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re vascular dementia


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Feb 17, 2015

I am s female age 72.. I have had vascular dementia for four years...I did live on my own in my own property....the changes in my life have been...

(a)....I sold my property and helped my daughter & son-in-law by a larger house (they have two sons ..one at school and one at Uni.) But me living with the family has created no problems at all.

(B). If there has been any significant changes ...its because I dont drive anymore ..but I can't say that I miss that. When I drove it was because of necessity rather than choice.

(C). I use my Kindle regularly to keep up to date with family and friends.

So my life is good. You just have to be positive .


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Oct 18, 2013
British Isles
Hi Stejan, it's great to hear that you are doing so well.

Just wondering if you are on any medication which you think may have helped? We often hear that no treatment is given for vascular dementia.

Really hope that you continue to do so well, it must be a relief to your family that you are feeling so positive and still have a really good quality of life.


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May 18, 2014
You sound well and healthy and your family are obviously supportive. Lots of positive, positive and live life the best you can.

Grey Lad

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Sep 12, 2014
North East Lincs
Lovely positive post Stejan. You give room for optimism for someone like me as my wife has vascular dementia. We are told there is no treatment for the condition so we try to stick to a healthy living regime. If you have any other secrets please let us all know.


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Jan 28, 2015
Hi Stejan
Yes, please share more of your insights and experiences.

It is so helpful for sufferers and carers to learn from.


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Apr 22, 2010
East Hunsbury Northamptonshire
well done stejan sounds like you are doing really well

I have had to give up driving which I miss a lot as I live in a village and I feel I have lost my spontaneity in terms of just being able to pop round and visit friends in other nearby villages.

On the whole though, like you I try to be upbeat

welcome to TP its a great place