Re finding a "home"

Linda Mc

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Jul 3, 2005
Nr Mold
Today I have been talking to a friend who has been going through agonies regarding her father in law Harry. He went to his new home yesterday and she is willing to share the following with you.

Some of the places we looked at had an 'odour', ahem, about them! They got a 2 minute visit, somehow when we visited the one we chose; it had a friendly feel to it. PLUS when we called back for a second look- unannounced- the 'patients' had just finished Sunday lunch. They were all having a glass of wine or beer; afterwards apart from one old boy, who kept telling me he was 93, he was partaking of a drop of brandy and lemonade! By popular demand, they have fish and chips x 28 times, delivered from the local chip shop on a Friday!.. They are allowed to smoke in a separate lounge if they want to.... one of the homes we visited made them go into the car park can you believe that... £294 a week, and they have to go in the car park !!!! :p

Things are still looking good this morning. Hubby sneaked over to the home, to drop some bits in for father in law, he said he felt like a burglar, sneaking in so his father did not see him. We are not visiting till Friday- then hopefully he will be settled properly by then, and we will not confuse him. The manager said Harry has been fine- he keeps saying ' this is a lovely boarding house'

We both hope her observations have been of some help to you all.



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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear Linda,

Good to read such a positive post. My parents have just recently moved into a NH and they too think they are staying in a hotel. My father is also very impressed with the meals and the outings [twice weekly].

The staff are extremely friendly and always seem to be doing something - cleaning; taking people for walks; activities, etc. Also I can visit at whatever time of day suits me.

Just shows that there are good NH's out there.



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Oct 17, 2003
Good to hear. When I chose the Nursing Home for Mum it was the second spot check that did it for me. The Manager welcomed me like an old friend, took me to the staff room and sat me next to a Senior Carer who answered all my questions and took me on a second tour! I was also able to visit whenever I liked and when a large gropu of relatives arrived with me there was always tea and biscuits in nice China. All this in an 'E.M.I' home with some difficult residents in a 'rough' part of town. Do not be put off by 'labels' or location!!!