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Possible dementia - previous drug use


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Oct 28, 2015
Hi everyone, my MIL is 59. She has had mental problems the whole time I've know her, 22yrs. We are struggling recently with a decline in her physical abilities, memory and personality. I am questioning possible dementia issues. She has previous history with heroin use, marijuana use, painkiller and tranquilliser use. She has many many health issues, most notably serious lung illnesses which reduces her oxygen capacity and a mini stroke, diagnosed late after it happened (we were actually told by our dentist!). She takes a vast concoction of medication, but includes heavy painkiller use.

My question, has anybody else had experience with drug abuse and dementia? We have been told that the local health project won't look at her due to her painkiller use. But we have to live with and care for her. We are all exhausted and hurt by her actions and words.
However, some of her symptoms, jerks, memory issues, obsessions, confusion, can be explained by dementia issues.

Would just like to know if anyone else has experienced something similar, either through drug abuse, painkiller abuse or COPD, lung related issues.

Tia, Carrie