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Parachute jumpers thread


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Mar 24, 2003

I thought I'd start a thread for people who are thinking of doing a parachute jump for the Society, or have done so.

I did one about a year ago, and I'd recommend it to anyone. Mine was a 10,000 foot tandem skydive, and I was fortunate enough to get an instructor who let me steer the parachute and perform twists and turns once it was open. I was on a high (no pun intended) for days afterwards. I'm thinking of doing another at some stage, and hopefully this time I can get some friends to join me.

It's a great feeling, falling for about 5,000 feet in freefall.

Go for it!

kirstie jones

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Sep 13, 2003

i'm currently organising a parachute jump within my school, i thought that by getting more people involved it would raise more money for the society, but im finding it very difficult to organise this on my own. I also may have included too many people and may need two groups to jump at different times. Is it possible for such a large group of 17 people to partake in this event at the same time or two/three different times? I'm starting to worry that its not possible and that i could have let the society and my group down.

I registered these people on different dates and the dates they are recieving to do the jump are all different. How can i get around this? Is there a way?

in desprit need of help
kirstie :)


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May 28, 2003
Hi Kirsty
I cant help you with this I'm afraid.
Uncletrunx probably wont reply until Monday when he is back on work.
I think its fantastic that you are helping the Society and promoting the cause too, hope your getting support from your local branch?
Hope you get the advice you need
Good luck


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Mar 24, 2003

Sorry, I was away at the AGM and conference for the weekend so I've only just seen this.

As I remember, there were about 20-25 people doing jumps on the day I went, so it should be possible to get everyone involved to jump on the same day. However, this will require a lot of notice for the airbase involved, and it would probably be best to talk to skyline directly (020 7359 6080) about arranging this and changing the dates. Each person would, I think, need to raise the minimum required sponsorship money to pay for their jump.

It is also worth mentioning that the 'planes you are taken up in are not very big and only hold about 8 people. It would thus be impossible for everyone to jump at the same time.

I hope this is helpful. I think it's wonderful that you want to do a jump for the Society, good luck with the rest of the planning.


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May 10, 2005
I am from Cheshire

Firstly, hello to everyone. I am new to this forum, but thought I would respond to this post as I will never forget my parachute jump.

I work for a local branch in Cheshire and in 2003 came up with the bright idea of organising a parachute jump. I have a real fear of heights, but thought attempting a jump may help, as they say the best way to conqueur a fear is to face it head on, don't they?

I announced my idea at a regional meeting, as I thought it would be a great way of many of us getting together, as well as a good fundraiser and awareness raising exercise. I had every intention of the jump being a 'guided by an expert' jump i.e. tandem skydive....my boyfriend however, who had agreed to jump on behalf of his local branch (he lives in Surrey) had other ideas, and said "he was not going to leave his fate in the hands of another person!".

So the four of us followed his lead and train of thought, and I booked the RAPS course for us all. Yes, all by ourselves, from a static line! (Well at least the parachute opened by itself!)

It was very easy to organise. I enquired with a local airfield/parachuting enthusiast club (which I picked up details of from a simple internet search). I then approached local companies on behalf of the branch, whom where so supportive..... their donations paid for my jump easily, which back in 2003 was, if I remember right £195 per person. All other sponsorship raised through other means then went directly to my branch. We all adopted this principle applying to local large companies in the same way.

It was a day I will never forget. It was intensive training, six hours before we got to jump and I will remember forever, the feeling in the pit of my stomach, as we all walked to the little Cessna plane (which sounded like a lawn mower), all kitted up in our helmets; parachutes on backs and silly overalls (which were huge!).

I have to admit I felt sick. The door on the plane was open all through the climb to 15,000 feet. The heaviest exited first (my boyfriend, who had been constantly 'nattering' incessantly, almost as if he was simply on a trip to the shops, and I wanted my mum!!!! LOL. I was third.... On more than one occasion I said to my instructor "I can't do this", but he simply replied "Come on you know the drill, position yourself" (we had to sit with our feet dangling out of the side of the plane). He then tapped me on the shoulder, and I responded like one of Pavlov's dogs and exited shouting "One thousand, Two Thousand", as had been drilled in to me for over six hours...........

But I did it, we all did! Collectively, I think we raised over £5000! So, to any 'would be' jumpers, GO FOR IT! Beats any theme park ride! LOL


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Jun 8, 2006
Tell us all about it!

Hi there,

Working in the Events Team, I get to hear about other people's parachute jumps and am determined to do one myself soon!

Please do ask your daughter to tell us how she gets on, we'd love to hear from her, and we really do appreciate her jumping in support of the Society.

Best wishes.

Jo Morgan

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Apr 24, 2006
Society Parachute Scheme

Hi Guys,

Having seen the messages here about parachuting i thought I'd let you know that The Alzheimer's Society actually has a sponcored parachute scheme, where individuals or groups can sign up to do a tandem jump, static line jump or accelerated freefall solo dive. The individual can select where to jump from over 20 airfields across the UK, and can pick any date throughout the year that suits them. Our parachute provider Skyline can arrange to book an airfield for a day if you have a large group of people interested in jumping.

All profits raised go to the Society and indiviiduals can ask for the money they raise to go to their local branch.

If you are interested in doing a parachute jump and would like some more information or you are a branch wanting to sign up to the scheme, please just give me a call on 020 7306 1171 or email me at jmorgan@alzheimers.org.uk

Best Wishes,



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Nov 28, 2005
Are there any updates on this thread?

Just wondering if there is any more information on this thread. My daughter is looking into doing a skydive in aid of Alz. Society and if I can provide useful information through this Forum then that would be great.


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