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Panorama - Undercover: Elderly Care


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Sep 27, 2006
I HATE the tick box type of regulation that it seems to me CQC favours. In my profession we now have something called 'outcome focussed regulation' (I'm not a fan of jargon either ) but the idea is that the regulators look at the bigger picture i.e. did you achieve the outcome the client wanted, not did you follow all the guidelines to the letter without actually achieving anything?

The CQC also use 'outcomes'. They have 16 essential outcomes which can be viewed on the CQC website.

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Jul 30, 2009
I want to know what happened to those 4 workers who were sacked, will they just have pitched up somewhere else to deliver their special brand of "care"?


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Mar 8, 2012
ok, my first post - and it has to be about this awful programme. I couldn't watch it, having seen a bit of the video on breakfast TV.

My Mum has Alzheimers and vascular dementia. She is still living independently and i am doing my best to help her - but I know the time is now coming quickly when she needs more care than I can give, as I work full time.

But, if I found a home (that we could afford, but that's another story) and the same thing happened to her as to this poor lady, i would really struggle to forgive myself - and I would probably attack any relevant careworkers (if i could get my hands on them) and end up in prison myself.

So, my question is this - should i give up my job to look after my Mum? Or, is there some way i can shout and lobby and push and push to try and get the Government to bring in the changes that are needed to help our vulnerable and elderly population? But if horrendous stories like this don't force the government to make the changes, what chance one more poor lone voice?

Think I've just answered my own question - so, just got to find a way to tell my husband that we won't be able to afford half the mortgage and that the lady who still looks like my Mum, but is acting less and less like her needs to come and live with us. Easy x
Not easy. I found myself in exactly the same position as you and was lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who agreed to mum living with us. We had awful experience with carers who did not understand our needs although she only needed help with medication twice daily but as her mental state declined, something else had to be done. We too are reluctant to use a care home (I felt the same about childminders when my children were young) I still have to work full time (No pension until I am 65, ten years away), plus I probably wouldnt be able to find a job again if I wanted to go back.

The bottom line is, although she 'Lives with us' we have separate accommodation as my marriage would virtually be over and the stress would be too much on all had we not organised ourselves to have our own space involving boundaries within the living areas. If this cannot be managed, my advice would be don't attempt it. I am not a natural carer and we are feeling our way along until she gets worse. Who knows how long this will work, but so far so good. Then we will get some Home Help. Plan C would HAVE to be a home and of course it cant be ideal as there is nothing like your own home -.Everyone knows that. Dont sacrifice your lives completely Dementia is hard to live with!!

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