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NH fall risk


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May 8, 2014
My dad, currently in hospital with broken leg (you may have seen my other threads!!) is and extreme fall risk. Fell 4 times in hospital despite having one to one care most of the time.

Anyway discharge is imminent. I was a while few weeks ago thinking I wanted him to go home but it is clear that his dementia has progressed massively since he was hit by a car. He is confused. He is on a hospital ward and thought he was in a bank and the nurse was a bank clerk today!

So I need to find EMI nursing home for him. BUT the only fall management strategy that works with him is having one to one support. He pulls off all alarms and is too quick for them. Despite the leg he can climb over bed rails. He was very fir before the accident. Where do I find a suitable NH that will give him one to one support?


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Aug 29, 2007
SW London
Will he be self funded? If not, have SS agreed to fund one to one? I believe it is quite a bit more expensive.

I think one or two TPers have experience of one to one care, but I have a feeling it was for reasons other than physical.

If funding is in place, perhaps you could just ask any suitable care homes whether they could provide one to one. I don't think it is very common, so presumably extra staff would be required, and more than one if he would need someone all night, too.

I hope someone with experience of one to one will reply soon.

Angela T

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Jul 13, 2014
You can ask the NH what they provide and what it costs.

I think they would normally do an assessment to see if they can cater for your dad's needs.

That is what happened for my mother. The NH manager came to assess her in hospital. She is now in a NH after a fall, and is having one to one until she settles. The cost is £10 per hour, on top of NH fees - the NH brings in carers by the hour from an outside agency.

It is expensive. We are self-funded, I don't know how it works if you go through SS - in terms of time and cost.

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