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my partner has lewy body and just been sectioned :-(


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Aug 12, 2015
hi my partner has Lewy body with Parkinson symptoms and also myloma...he is 73 years old..I am 52 been together 16 years..i have cared for him throughout.in the last 18 months we noticed things weren't right and I pushed for diagnosis..this year in January they diagnosed him..he has had continual various infections..10 days ago he got an infection they treated it but sent his lewy to another world..he attacked me and then attacked two security guards.he is now in hospital psychiatric under a section2...I could sustain an African village with the amount of tears I have shed recenytly


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
Hello Moonlightmaggie. I am sorry to welcome you to TP under such difficult circumstances
Hopefully like me you will find a wealth of support and understanding here plus helpful advice.
I can only imagine how worried you must be .
From reading on here, it can take a while for them to find the right treatment to help people I hope you see Start to see improvements soon.


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Mar 15, 2012
hiya maggie, i am in a very similar position (see my post ...where do i start..??) it is dreadful hunney to see our wonderful man turn into this Dementia Monster !!! but when ii visit him in hosp i still get a fleeting glance of the man he once was his smile can light up a room when i go in (most of the time) but then he can turn on a tanner!! at which point i make an excuse and take my leave until tomorrow :(
Sending you a big hug xxx