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My Online Dementia Notebook


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May 27, 2005
Thought it's about time I let folk see this.

Click here to view.

Basically, it's ANYTHING I've found interesting re: dementia issues, including my own notes... I decided to put it online so that I could access it from work or wherever, and invited various folk to have a look/participate.

Although in the format of a forum, it's simply my 'online notes' as I said, although any input from people is welcome...

I do wonder though as to the type of folk who post when I see this:
Another 'Quack Cure' perhaps?

I'll have to wait for a response to this, however I reckon it could be a one-off posting from a 'spammer'.

Anyhow - I'd like opinions please... this is NOT a recruitment drive for the thing though... I'm not looking specifically for members... just what you think of it.


P.S. Of course T.P. and the A.S. Site get mentioned there!!! :)