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My dear mum passed away yesterday


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May 20, 2009
I'm so very sorry Martin.
Wishing you and your family strength in the coming weeks. xx


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Mar 26, 2014
Dear Martin . I am so sorry to hear about your mum. As you grieve, please remember that there are many 'pairs of ears ' on this forum who are very good listeners . Take care .


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Aug 30, 2012
Brixham Devon
Martin, please accept my condolences on the loss of your dear Mum. Many people on this Forum talk about their feelings of guilt-and many tell them that they have nothing to feel guilty for. Please try not to dwell on not being by your Mum's side for her last two days-try to think of the days that you were there. Better that you showed your love (as you did) through the years that she was ill and able to respond to you.

Yes, you are in a dark place, and for that I'm truly sorry, but your Mum's suffering is over; she is reunited with your Dad.She will always be a part of your life -she helped make you the caring Son that you are.

Take care of yourself and your family


Lyn T XX


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Mar 24, 2014
Just came across this awful news and wanted to join the others in sending my condolences on the loss of your Mum, Martin. I'm glad to know you have loving support for this sad and hard time. xxxxx