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Oct 26, 2006
JUst found out today my father as alzheimers after about 7 months of tests dont no what to do, my mother is undergreat pressure in her home because of his disease please can anyone give me some advice


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Mar 13, 2006
hello shoey

you might get more replies posting in Support for people with dementia and their carers also if you could tell us a bit more of your situation and what help you feel you need.
i cant move this thread for you but im sure one of the moderators will do it soon
take care x


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Jun 3, 2005
Hello Shoey

OK, take a deep breath & stop panicking. (Not being insulting, that's what most of us feel at first!) Yes, it's a bloody awful disease, no-one deserves it.

Perhaps you could tell us a bit about your family; how old is your father (& Mum, & you come to that) what's his behaviour like, has he been prescribed any medication? Do you live with them, or nearby, or some distance away? Does he have any physical problems at the moment, or is it mainly memory loss and the confusions which that can cause?

The way most of us cope is 'day-by-day'. Deal with the immediate problems as best you can (or find out how to help Mum cope with them) & don't try to look too far ahead and imagine what "might" happen in the future. It might not, and you will have wasted energy & suffered more heartache for nothing.

If you look right at the top left hand corner of the Talking Point pages, you'll see a link button "i Factsheets". These are produced by the Alzheimer's Society and contain a HUGE amount of information. You can learn a lot from them, and help your Mum cope that way; or point her at them if she can find time to use the computer.

That's a starting point anyway - post again with specific questions as & whenever you have them. Break the difficulties down into smaller chunks which are easier to get your head around. Small steps ...

Best wishes
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Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hi Shoey, It can only be a terrible shock when a family member or someone close is diagnosed with Alzheimers.

From the pages and pages in Talking Point, you will see how many others share your anguish. They cannot solve your problems, but they all know where you`re coming from and , sadly, understand what you and your family are going through only too well.

All you can do, at this stage, is allow the tragic news to sink in. Then browse the Alzheimers web site to see what information is there which will help you seek the help you need.

I know it`s a cliche, but you really do need to take `one day at a time`.

Let your mother know you are there for support. Talk about your fears, be as open as possible with each other, and hard though it may sound, cope as best you can.

Regards Sylvia

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