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Jul 8, 2004
I put my mum in a home last wed.It was very emotional for us all.Fortunatly it was the best thing we have done.She has lived with her son many years,my brother,not an ideal situation,as she needed female carers etc and we have tried so hard to get her into care so she will receive the care she deserves.And she loves it after one week.She has the stimulation lacking with my brother and is cheerful and so happy and eating alot.Her room is lovely as we placed her cuckoo clock and rocking chair to make it more personel for her.I love visiting her now and she seems so happy.I miss the old mum terribly but now I know she would be proud of us.Quality of care is so important and in Home Covert in Doncaster she is so receiving the care she should have.They are lovely and love her to bits.


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Mar 13, 2004
Naomi, that's such a weight off your mind that your mum is well cared for and happy. You must have been through hell leading up to it.
Strangely, it was a similar story with my best friend's mum. Her mum had A/D and Parkinsons and her son (my friend's brother) lived with her, cared for her and actually carried her everywhere. Then he injured his knee carrying her and she had to go into respite while he was ill. They found that the lady was in much better form, contented and her aggitation was gone.
Sometimes maybe you have to think about who you are benefiting by keeping someone at home when they get to a certain stage of A/D.
She stayed at the home until the end and was more comfortable. Her son now travels the world with his new girlfriend and is contented and happy knowing he did all he could, no regrets.


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Another good story about a care home. That is really good because there is so much negative stuff about, it scares us all. It also negates all the good things that good care staff are doing.

We have stories of homes in the south, south-east and north now, so some good homes are spread around the country, and there will be many more.

I'm so pleased it worked out for you.


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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear Naomi,

Although my parents are not yet in a Nursing Home, they were in close care accommodation for almost three years and there was only one other chap there. In hindsight, Dad must have sorely missed male company. Now that we are in our present bungalow, there are plenty of men around for my father to talk to and he is very much happier these days. He has also found a great friend in Glyn, one of our carers and they spend a lot of time together doing blokey things. I'm sure you Mother will really enjoy the company of other ladies every day.

Best wishes,