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Nov 6, 2006
Well my mum is still in hospital and on Friday this week it will of been 4 weeks...Am I missing something here?Cannot get my head around the new development...We complained that we had been waiting for a CT scan which then was cancelled as mums condition improved..She had had diarrhoea...Then we were told she would need a Barium Enema,but if mum could not cooperate then they wouldnt be able to do it and she would be discharged without a diagnosis if any....And now we were told she had an Abdominal xray yesterday and the results of that depends on if she will need a Barium Enenma...Why did they not do the abdominal xray before now..She had one on admission...They are ? Obstruction.......or just Fecal impaction......Its a long time to be in hospital without one test especially when she is frail and suffers from Alziemers....Luckily she is receiving good care but that doesnt take away the waiting she has had to endure...She could pick up any infection.....Will talk to them later on visiting