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Mum persistently crying and sobbing. How to deal with it?


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Aug 21, 2018
Best wishes to all of you it is horrendous isn't it.

I got a phone call from the home this morning at 7.30 saying mum had another fall. Three in 24 hours. Face was heavily bruised and droopy so the inexperienced night nurse called an ambulance. I spoke to the paramedic who said he wasn't sure but mum might have had a stroke and advised she went to hospital. We have an Advanced Care Plan, DNR and LPA wishes for mum but the paramedic advised I spoke with the GP with regard to a Respect Form.

Mum went to hospital, had a CT and they noted a small bleed that showed up compared to her last CT last year but had no idea how it had happened and it wasn't dangerous too her. The bruised and droopy face were down to her fall injuries and she is being sent back to the home this evening.

I spoke to the GP and she said a Respect Form is exactly the same as a DNR, just updated. She said the DNR along with the Advanced Care Plan meant that mum shouldn't have been moved to hospital, although maybe the paramedic insisted due to a head injury. For instance I know a suspected fracture is a reason to hospitalise because it can be incredibly painful.

I know the Head Nurse at the home isn't happy and is looking into Safeguarding which is nice to know because it's reassuring to know the home is seeing if policy was followed. I've also spoken with the Manager to ensure all nursing staff are aware of the Advanced Care Plan as this "should" have been shown to the paramedic.

Mum has/will be incredibly agitated in hospital and of course we weren't allowed down to sit in A&E. I don't know how she does it. She beats Covid and survives falls with bumps and bruises and is on blood thinners so that makes it even more surprising that she survives the bumps and bruises and yet she just won't let go, even though a fully mentally conscious mum would want to let go. It really plays with your mind. On the one hand I am glad that she is "physically" ok but on the other hand she could have slipped away this morning and her suffering would be over.