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Mum has frontal lobe dementia


New member
Sep 13, 2019
Hi I have just joined my mum was diagnosed 3 years ago with FTD she decorated very quickly and had to move into a care home 2018 which devastated me as I tried so hard to keep her active and in routine. It took a couple of months for her to settle but she is now happy.
Today I received a cal in the early hours to say mum had a witness fall in the bathroom and had cut her head and was taken to A&E. My mum is very mobile and found it to be a shock however I guess these things happen. Just wanted to ask what sort of questions would you ask care home ? I asked how and who witnessed ect but my gut feeling is I need to know more mum can’t remember.


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Dec 15, 2012
hello @lilliekid
a warm welcome to DTP
sorry to hear your mum has had a fall, sadly at some point mobility is affected, though this may be a one off ... and in many ways it's good that your mum can't remember, so she's not fretting and doesn't seem to have any lasting effects

it sounds as though the staff have done the right things ie they have contacted you and been upfront about the fall, and had your mum checked over
there should be an official log of the incident with the details of what is known about what happened and action taken
dad had quite a number of falls, some witnessed, some not ... I simply asked the staff who was there, what was seen, what was done, whether there was any bruising (miraculously there was generally little to none) and checked they were monitoring for any pain or aftereffects

if you're concerned, have a chat with the manager or senior on duty at the time ... I found the staff were straight with me about things and able to put my mind at rest .... if you don't get straight answers, let them know you are worried as this hasn't happened before