Mum getting weaker


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Apr 5, 2008
no you are not alone .when you come here you know there is support which is a comfort and lots of people here truly understand. kind regards


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Sep 7, 2007

Sorry i have not been online for a few days, i have had to deal with more problems that come with being made redundant out of the blue.The only good thing about it is that for the time being i will be able to spend more time with Mum until i get another job, which is going to be very hard as a huge amount of people are in the same boat.
Anyway Mum seems a little better, she has started to eat a little more and has put 3 kilos on in this last week. When i went up to see her yesterday the staff said she stood up on her feet twice which is something she has not been able to do for sometime. I hope we have turned a new corner for now and hope that this is not short lived and suddenly takes a nose dive, the staff have also said that her pressure sore is starting to heal, which is a releif.It has just been such an emotional roller coaster the last few weeks.

Thank you for all your support.