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Mum, Dad, Alzheimer's & Me Channel 4


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Sep 26, 2007
Hi everyone,

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this but I thought I would post about it....

Monday 12 January - Channel 4 - 8pm
Mum, Dad, Alzheimer's & Me
Dispatches documentary

Fiona Phillips looks at the struggles that people who have dementia & their families face regarding care and support from NHS & local authorities. Also how the government plan to cope with the rising numbers of people affected by dementia.

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EmJ :)


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Dec 26, 2008
Fiona Phillips

Thanks for letting us know I missed the BBc breafast features so it will be good to see the Dispatches docu' .

Fiona P was so right when she said this is an illness why should people be expected to pay for care when we live in a state system.


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Nov 28, 2005
I have watched the programme this evening.

Fiona highlighted the lack of support! I suspect that many senior government and health officials will have their heads well and truly in the sand yet again.

Will anyone ever hear the truth and despair of dementia caring :confused: and IF they do who will do something about it?????



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Mar 7, 2004
Have to admit I shed more than a few tears.

Thought it was one of the best progrms made for a long while.

Whilst every sufferer is different, so we only had 3-4 stories, it certainly highlighted the fact that dementia is the very poor relation when it comes to treatment and services.

Edited to add: I have now merged the two threads on this subject together.
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Nov 28, 2005
Hello Mel:
I have just posted on the other thread with same title started by EMJ.

Maybe a Moderator will join the two together :eek:
Love Jan


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Oct 20, 2007
I am absolutely in bits after watching the programme...
So, so sad.. brought it all back for me, even though it had never gone away really.. All those emotions have come back... Why, Why, Why????
Connie, I have just watched your's and Lionel's piece, you are a wonderful lady and I have the utter most admiration for what you are doing!
Much Love to everyone old and new,
Nicky xXx


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Mar 6, 2007
Wigan, Lancs
Yep! I thought the programme was tremendous. The love that Fiona had her for her dad, and the first family portrayed where the mum had early onset, had me in tears.

One of the most important points it highlighted was how disparate the care is for dementia sufferers. We are all fighting through the maze, and if it weren't for TP I would still be at the entrance.

I would send a link to this programme to all health and social service ministers; all GP's, social workers, CPN's, and dementia consultants; and all friends who ask me 'So how's your dad?' - this programme explained dementia better than I ever could.


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Aug 9, 2007
I remembered,

the lack of expresson, the mother's kisses, hovering like a lost soul, feeding, the hand wringing, the talk of violence to carers, getting lost, the house in a mess, feeling "what am I going to do?" torn in two between caring and kids...

I cried.

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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
I cried too, bucket loads. Not that it takes much tonight.

I thought the programme was very well done, I agree with Connie that it's the best so far.

Although there were only a few cases illustrated, Fiona managed to bring in all the points that need attention.

Brilliant journalism, and all the more powerful because it was so personal.


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
What a well made programme, and it hit most of the targets it was aimed at.

Congratulations to Fiona. I've never remotely been a fan, but I think she did a superb job. A worthy Ambassador!


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Feb 17, 2006
I found it very emotional also; seem they cared all area of dementia, even the aggression .

It was lovely seeing them laughing together also with the Uncle in the Kitchen .
I was surprised to see Fiona father living alone, but it was very touching how Fiona wants to keep her father independent for long as possible. I wish her all the best in doing that .

Mel C

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Aug 26, 2008
I didn't want to watch it because I didn't fancy an evening sobbing. But my Dad was interviewed as he is one of Dr.Trotter's patients at Portsmouth. He didn't make the final edit, but I watched it just in case they used his interview. The segment in the care home is where he goes three days a week so it made it really personal. I'm from Portsmouth so I've walked along that seafront hundreds of times with Dad.
I'm so glad they highlighted the lack of support and money for sufferers and carers. The government should be ashamed of themselves.


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Nov 23, 2007
Ron for some reason wanted to watch it, where this came from I dont know

I was washing pot's, Ron as usual was fiddling with the remote control (it's a man thing).
He had the channel on.
He stayed awake, watched all of it. I dont think he understood a lot of it, but what do I know:eek:
When I was putting him to bed tonight, he said, I know you care for me, thank you.

Cry, oh yes I did, and am.

Barb XX


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May 29, 2008
I also watched this and I know Dad did to although I havn't spoken to him yet. I think this programme highlighted not only the daily struggles but the emotioanl affect this has on all of us. Before Mum had AZ I had no idea of what this illness really was or how it progresses, I know now through our own experiences, but had I have watched this without being personally affected i would have had a far better idea, and this is what we need, we need others to understand far more.
When the daughter and Mother sat on that bench that was what really had me in tears because I myself could relate to this so much.
This was a brave programme for Fiona to do, and if I could thank her I would. I hope that some of our relatives have watched this so they can now understand what we go through now, although there will always be those that bury their heads in the sand.
The only part that disturbed me was when the daughter said how long they have left with her Mum 6/7 months ....who on earth told her this??? That was the stage my Mum was at 1 1/2 years ago now and nobody has ever told us how long we have left with my Mum, because they can't say.