Mum can still be sharp - funny story

Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
My sister & aunt visited us at Easter. As they live about 300 miles away close to Montreal & my mother lives close to me in a home outside of Toronto, they don't get to see her too often. My aunt hadn't seen for her 3 years.

Now, my aunt is VERY vain & hates the topic of aging (in relationship to her, of course). She looks good but at the age of 73 with lots of sailing & tanning in her past, she has LOTS of wrinkles. When we went to visit Mum, Mum looked at my auntie & said "I have stuff you can put on that (patting her face) to fix those lines." We started laughing & she looked at my sister & said "And I have some for you too". We all laughed our heads off.