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Moving interview by Scott Mitchell


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Mar 25, 2016
Dame Barbara Windsor has recently moved into a care home and her husband Scott has given a moving interview about how he feels about the situation, which many of us will recognise. Best wishes to them both, and it's good to see that the article is recommending Talking Point too:



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Jan 16, 2014
All of his account really resonates with me, I had to trick dad to get him into his NH and the worst thing putting his name on clothes the night before and driving him there having set up his room knowing he had no clue what I had arranged for him was terrible, such a betrayal and deceitful. My first visit 2 days later was during a fleeting lucid moment and greeted me with 'thank goodness you came back for me' I had to turn to the wall to wipe my tears. However 4 years after his death I still know it was the kindest thing I could do for my dear dad to keep him safe and looked after. I too vowed like so many early on in their relative's illness that dad would never go to a home, I am glad Scott has said out loud what a lot of us have felt when the time for more specialist 24 hr care is needed and spelled out why. I applaud his candid interview and it will help others who have to seek out a care home, it is a decision we never thought we would have to take but this rotten illness takes us on a different path over which we have no control.


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Jun 19, 2016
Dear @Lovedadbut,

Yes I did this as well and I felt awful but I reminded myself of dad's worst days when I was caring for him and I knew this was the right place. Also when I heard that he was dancing and doing quizzes I was very pleased.