Monitoring an AD person


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Feb 9, 2004
Talking to leader of the local AD group of what help I wanted. I said I really wanted a professional observer to look at Teresa from the context of AD. If any decisions about her care need to take difficult decisons need to be taken then they would help in this process. I donot want crisis management if something goes wrong then help arriving. At present I just coping with a part time carer but we are so close too edge. I yet to meet anyone that seems to understand this. Every one focuses on memory loss. From my observations it is far more drastic than than that I am building up my own lanuage for AD symtons like child like state, gone to a dark place, come back. I am feeling very isolated dealing with this anyone who have any comments would be helpful


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Dear Peter
loads of us have been there, so you are not the only one!

Often it seems that they wait for us to crack before they say "right, now we can be the cavalry". If only appropriate help was available at the right time!

Also, you are entirely correct that memory loss is one aspect and that itself covers a multitude of things. Besides that there are other behavioural things, etc, etc.

My mantra on this is constantly to keep records of how Teresa is/what she does. Use your own language as it is very descriptive and anyone who knows dementia will recognise what you mean. Bombard the consultant with the information. Show you are serious and how serious things are.

Please don't feel isolated - lean on this forum for the experience and support of others.

Best wishes


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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear Peter,

Learning to 'talk AD' is a very necessary and critical part of caring. Don't despair - you sound like you are coping much better than you feel you are.

We are all here to help you out. So post as often as you can with any problems. We'll all do our very best to offer some good advice and cheer you up and onwards.