Memantine (Ebixa)


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Mar 17, 2004
I've just joined this discussion group and I find all the comments really interesting, particularly about how people cope and deal with varying situations, other family members etc.
I think my Mother is now in the early midle stage of AD, although I realise its difficult to pin-point. She was trialled on Aricept for three months but that caused more problems than it solved, and I really think we "missed the slot" so it didn't really help her anyway. She now has a chance of a trial with Memantine (Ebixa), which apparently has less side effects and works better in the mid to later stages.
Just wondered if anyone else had experience of this, as its apparently a new trial drug and not widely used in the UK yet.


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Feb 15, 2004
North Wales
Hi Rob,

Sorry to hear about your mum, have no information about the drug but just wanted to say welcome and hope you find help and support here.

All the best



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Dec 29, 2003
Hi Rob,

Firstly welcome to the forum. I don't have any experience of drugs for dementia as sadly it was too late/not suitable for my mum who has vascular dementia . She has other general health problems which prevent prescription . However from what i've read it seems your mum is lucky to have been offered the chance of trying ebixa. The following refers to an Alzheimers society posting & might be some help. Also they produce a fact sheet which refers to ebixa i think it's no. 407.


The drug Ebixa (memantine) was licensed in the UK in October 2002 and is the first drug for people with moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease. Many members of the Alzheimer's Society have reported that they are being refused NHS prescriptions for Ebixa.

The Society is campaigning for Ebixa to be provided free on the NHS for all those with a clinical need for it. In particular the Society is drafting a submission to NICE, which will detail the experiences of people with dementia and their carers who have been using Ebixa. The timing of the submission will depend on the NICE announcement regarding the timetable for the next reviews.

Do you know of people being prescribed Ebixa on the NHS in your area? If so, please let us know

Contact us

Telephone 020 7306 0883

Hope this is some help, take care