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Jul 31, 2004
its almost 2 months since gran died and got a blast of the sobs today just thingking about her and wishing i could see her again, i wish i had videoed her but have got lots of photos of her over the years i think emotions are high as her flat is up for sale and i know i have to make a final visit to say goodbye this weekend but to me it will always be her flat. give all your loved ones an extra hug from me this weekend, going to buy myself a large bunch of flowers tomorrow in memeory of her. sorry to sound so morbid but dont want to upset other family members.


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Mar 18, 2006
Oh Nikita,

I am so sorry. Have a hug { }

I WILL make memories. I will take photos of dad enjoying himself while he can. Thanks

I have put mum & dad's house up for sale (Mum died in March and had lived in that house since it was first built. She moved in aged 7 years with her own parents and lived there ever since...for the past 40+ years with dad until we moved him into care a few weeks ago) So I think I share your will always be their house. I cried buckets too when the For Sale sign went up and I know I will again when it is sold.

For you, you may not have videos you can show on a screen, but they will always be here to play in your mind. Play them with love



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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Nikita,
No apologies on here, not for feelings. Seeing mum tomorrow, so will give her an extra hug, wish I could give you one too. Two months is not a long time, there will be lots more tears, especially as you have to let go of those physical things that were a link with gran. But she is still with you in your heart, and I believe watching over you.
Take care.
With love, Amy


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Feb 17, 2006
I had to do that to my untie flat over Christmas , It was a rented flat , that the hardest part for me ( she lived there since I was a baby ) was knowing I can never go back, I do wonder now who living there now .

but like jarnee says (lovely way of putting it )

but they will always be here to play in your mind


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Mar 7, 2004
Especially for Nikita

Hi Nikita, lovely to hear from you again. Sorry it is such a sad post, but can understand why. Not a lot I can say, so I will send you one of my 'special ' hugs, and you will will know that we are all thinking of you, love


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