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New member
Nov 11, 2019
Mum has been in a care home
For 3 and a half weeks weight is dropping off her as she is missing
Meals due to being given lorazepam daily . I really
Don’t think this is doing her any good at all
It’s not helping with her anxiety and her behaviour of calling for help which by the looks of her she needs help desperately she looks like she needs a good meal and plenty of fluids as is always talking about wanting a drink . I would say mum has lost a good 3 stone and im
Worried sick that the care staff are just giving her this drug to keep her quiet instead of dealing with issues she may have .


Registered User
Mar 9, 2016
My husband was recently prescribed this drug due to him becoming combative when the staff were trying to do personal care. Before it was prescribed the Chess team visited several times and tried various techniques to try to find a solution. After these visits there was a meeting arranged on Teams between myself, them, his social worker and a supervisor and a member of staff to discuss the best way forward. We all agreed that this drug could be tried. The Chess team then spoke to the consultant at the memory matters clinic and he advised that my husband could be put on a 0.5mg dose help calm him to allow personal care. Another Teams meeting followed and we came to the agreement that if he refused personal care for three days he would given one dose. This drug is used because it is a fast acting relaxant and does not have a long lasting effect. Has there been any discussion with yourself or professionals about this drug being prescribed? I don’t have health and welfare LPA but I am always consulted about any changes to medication.
On the subject of losing weight, my husband has also lost weight and when this was mentioned at the meeting the supervisor told us that they are weighing residents more often that the usual monthly weigh in. She said that all the residents have lost weight even though they are encouraging them to eat as normal. A supervisor told me that the other day that sometimes my husband doesn’t want to eat but on the days he doesn’t they constantly give finger type food instead of trying to get him to eat full meals, this means that he’s eating even though he won’t sit down to what we would call a proper meal. The home has also increased the use of fluid charts so as fluid intake is closely recorded.
I think it would be a good idea to ask to speak to the home and ask questions about the issues that there appears to be with your mother and why this has been prescribed. I hope you get some answers.