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Jan 31, 2004
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As I understand it, where the forum software is used as a kind of chat room, for PC gaming enthusiasts and hobbyists, etc, then it is run by the enthusiasts and sits as something that is alone, not linking to other systems.

When the software is incorporated as a part of a larger corporate system - as is Talking Point on the Alzheimer's servers, different pieces of software interlink and a change here can make an unwanted occurrence somewhere else.

While it is technically possible to change these things, the changes knock on into other systems, and also make tracing of posts by individual members impossible.

On that last point - a member of TP will often see a post by someone, and that post really rings a bell for them. So they then look and see what else the person has posted. If names change, that is no longer possible.

Don't forget that TP is not just about the posts that are presently being put up on the system. It is also a large archive of great breadth concerning most matters that relate to dementia and dementia care.


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Oct 15, 2005
Thanks Bruce.

It was more of a query really. The systems I've implemented and used in small and large corporations can have a requirement where a change of username is an option (changes usually limited to 1) but only at admin or super-user levels. It is still a unique field where it still remembers the old username and all changes are logged so searches for information under both usernames are queried and the same results returned.

Thanks anyway.


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Feb 24, 2006
Maggie's farver made a pile
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Maggie now is Marguerite

(a lot of the words had to be tra-la-la because not suitable for children, my mother when she was a little girl loved her grannie singing songs which her own mother and aunt thought not suitable, though of course innocent by today's standards)


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that song must of been made for me lila