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Apr 4, 2004
I was told yesterday that my 85 year old mum (who has advanced vascular dementia) was leaning a lot to the left when she sat or walked. She was having to walk with the help of two carers instead of just one. She also does not seem to be able to swallow without choking and they (care home staff) have had to thicken her drinks so she can swallow them more easily. Does anyone have any insights into either of these worrying conditions ? All advice appreciated. S x

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hi Sarah,

It seems to be quite a common concern.

I haven`t had personal experience of this `listing` but I`ve read about it from other members, and I`m sure someone, soon , will be able to offer more information.


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Mar 23, 2005
Swallowing Difficulties

Hi sarahc,

Swallowing difficulties have been a topic from time to time in the past. Unfortunately these types of problems appear to be part of the progression of dementia in its later stages. Obviously, it is a serious problem as it can lead to lack of proper nutritional/fluid intake. Also, food and drink that "go down the wrong way" can end up in the airways, increasing the risk of infection.

The people that are best trained to deal with swallowing problems are Speech and Language Therapists. Also, some carers may have learned techniques (such as thickening liquids, placement of the spoonin the mouth, temperature of food) which may make feeding easier.

I included some useful links on this topic in a post not too long ago:





You should also be able to find some past posts on this topic by doing a search (top navigation bar, just to the right) on the term swallow.

Take care,



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Feb 17, 2006
was leaning a lot to the left when she sat or walked
My mother does that , I was wondering why . thanks for bring this up and for the links


Sandy my mother does a lot of what it says in Common problems that you may notice, In Ist link .

difficulty chewing and/or difficulty moving food to the back of the mouth

spitting lumps of food out

eating very fast or putting too much into the mouth

eating insufficient amounts or refusing food and/or drink

talking with food or drink in the mouth and forgetting to swallow causing coughing

coughing/choking on food and /or liquids

My mother is in late stages, that I have to force
her to drink , saying she has to drink whole glass of water in front of me and she does , on good days. I can’t just leave it they anymore as she won’t drink it , they even notice it at daycenter.

Another PS

What gets to me that I can not comprehend, my mother is in late stage still no all the family recognizes us all , my mother is no text book AZ
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