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Just moaning


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Jun 7, 2015
Sorry I just really need to moan.

I know a lot has been said about invisibles. We've had one of my invisibles here today, she phoned this morning to say she was coming if that was ok. Mum thinks my cousin is wonderful, it would be a shame to put her off, so I said no problem and it wasn't at that point.

The visit became a problem when she told me she thinks about me dealing with mum alone. I instantly felt resentful rather than grateful for her kindness because thinking does nothing, she'd never say I'll take your mum out for lunch and you can have a break, or just for a run in the car to give me a free half hour. Thinking is bl**dy useless, it a bit of action and support I could do with not useless thoughts.

I cannot tell my cousin not to visit and I can't be nasty and point out that providing waitress service just adds work to my day. I'm well aware its unreasonable, but today I feel tired and unreasonable!

The more important issue is that the visit seems to have sent mum into a tailspin. After my cousin left she was very muddled and had no idea who had visited. She was convinced that there had been 2 visitors in addition to the people upstairs????? She had no idea who the people upstairs were, me neither as there are are definitely only the two of us in the house. The visit seems to have been too much for mum. That's not good. Mum has never been wildly sociable, but visitors have never had this side effect before


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Jul 21, 2015
Yes I can understand you are resentful.Next time she calls to say she is coming over just say great I have things to do so I can go out and do them when you are here .See if she still comes !