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Just an update


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Feb 17, 2012
Things have been pretty peaceful lately, so I haven't been on here much (I shouldn't say that should I?)
Anyway, I'm on holiday from work this week, and hoping to have a blissfully quiet time, although today is a bit of an exception. Today is all about dad. This morning he had a dentist appointment (Cue- what's a dentist?), then I had to walk him to the home for day care (as the appointment meant he had missed the usual bus that picks him up). At the care home I had a meeting with one of his carers to fill in his care plan (which they'd finally got round to do). Now I have an hour to fit in dinner before I'm out again to a 4 and 1/2 hour session run by the local mental health team to learn about caring for someone with dementia. At this point I'm not sure what they can tell me!.
So it's a bit of a strange day. Yesterday the CPN came round and gave dad another MMSE- 14/30 this time, a 2 point drop, although he wasn't on the Aricept before. The CPN says he appears to be coping better than he is because he's clearly intelligent. Yeah, tell me something I don't know. Then you actually listen to what he says and it's beyond weird.
His latest story was that he met some woman in a bus stop who told him she wanted his baby so he did...
Fill in the gaps. Never mind he's been married twice and has six children. Still he's forgotten again who I am, any mention of me actually being a relative starts an argument, even though I always call him Dad. Does he not actually know what that word means?
Hopefully some time he will get some respite (and so will I), although communication with the various people involved has been dismal. The CPN says he's going to sort that. Oh and he told me to make sure I' making time for myself... (ha ha). Still, I'm not complaining.


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Feb 4, 2011
JMU - just had to smile.....

Just the statement that you're on holiday this week. Discuss the meaning of "holiday", drawing on your own experiences to illustrate the points made. You have 20 minutes.

There have been so many cafe initiatives, carers' meetings over the last few years. Of course, it's always good when carers are recognised but 15 years down the line, of attending meetings and mornings, the rallying call to support another group to which very few carers turn up but plenty of council people do, can be stressful in itself. Carers are usually caring - and when they're not caring, they're shopping, washing, cleaning, phoning people who don't return the call, who need cajoling, co-ercing, persuading. And just when you think you've finally got the message through - they go off sick or get transferred. And you begin all over again. And don't ever sound impatient because you must never be less than understanding and grateful. Smiley face.

What I really want is a clone - or just some funds so I can get my back fixed by the brilliant backman in the next village. And then I can go on lifting Mum/MIL for another few months. Fifteen years ago, we had a CPN, psychiatrist, care manager/s (of varying degrees of in/competency): today, no CPN, no psychiatrist, no care manager, incompetent or otherwise. But lots of coffee mornings and schmologies.

Sorry JMU. Momentarily derailed. I hope you do get a break though. And do remember to make time for yourself, won't you??!!!


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Jun 19, 2012
Ontario, Canada
It's good that you are on a holiday from work, how else would you have fit all that in :D?

Glad to know that things have been fairly peaceful lately, it does make a world of difference doesn't it? I do hope you get to enjoy sometime to yourself over the rest of the holiday.
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