Izzy's moving song about her Nan Marjorie


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Apr 29, 2014
'I see every time my mum says goodbye to Nan she’s thinking “is it the last time”, or will Nan remember her next time?'

14 year old Izzy’s Nan Marjorie is living with dementia. She was looking for a way to make sense of and express her feelings without having to say them. Izzy has always found comfort in music, so decided to write this beautiful song about her Nan.

'Watching my mum, dad, sister, my mum’s sister and brother, my cousins, and my grandparents confused, sad, sometimes happy and relieved (when Nan was ok and remembered things), and not seeing how it can get better or when it will end, has been so confusing.

So we visit Nan, and hold her hand and love her for who she is that day, that moment and try and accept it whilst remembering her how amazing she was for so long for so many.’

We’re so moved by Izzy’s song, and we can’t thank her and her family enough for sharing this with Alzheimer's Society 💙



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Feb 9, 2023
Love this - what a brilliant song. Thanks for sharing Harriet


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Mar 1, 2013
Please tell Izzy that nan has a lovely smile, Clearly her family light up Marjories life,

Great song Izzy