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It's moments like these


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Mar 4, 2013
Auckland...... New Zealand
It's fair to say I've had a bit of a miserable Christmas & New Year.
After Boxing Day my sister went to her holiday home, my brother went away, and with Mum (with AD) being out of routine with no Alzheimers Activity groups because of the Christmas/New Year break it's been quite hard to keep her occupied.

Mum has been on and on about going away on holiday.
Its caused quite a few arguments with her and Dad. Dad does not have any confidence to take Mum anywhere, and with MCI, the pair of them cannot go anywhere without my sister or I.

So we mentioned to Mum & Dad about my sister taking them to her holiday home for a few days, after the New Year.
Dad was keen. Mum was quite keen. She would like to get away from home she says, and have a change of scenery.
My sister phoned Mum last night to let her know that she would be picking them up this Wednesday and staying until the weekend.

Mums reply.... no she can't go because I would be angry with her :rolleyes:

So I go over to see Mum & Dad.
Mum wants me, and my DH & kids to go also.
Not possible Mum. I am working, and my son has a part time job during the holidays.
Managed to smooth things over, and she says Yes she will go.
But what about her groceries, will she back before her activity group goes back (not until the 19th) what about her tablets, how long is the car journey.... And so it went on.

Just like how we don't mention any hospital appointemnts until the day, I've got a feelng now we shouldn't have said anything, and just told her on the day that my sister was going to pick them up.

I so need this break. Wish me luck :)


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Oct 18, 2013
British Isles
Hope all goes well and that you enjoy your break - and that your parents do benefit from the trip. Think we should be wishing your sister good luck too!