Is this Normal part of the disease progressing


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Feb 17, 2006
Thank you both

Mum not said much since getting back from day center christmas party . must of really tried her out , where yesterday she would not stop talking , complaining that she never going to day center again , because they this woman who look at her funny , they another woman who keep taking to a man she like, and another man she really like is on holiday and then he may not be on holiday , what do I think, then I would answer her , she fall asleep wake up and she start all over again . she not going to day center any more .....

that had to go to bed early last nigh .

wake up this morning does not mention anything what she was talking about last night , and nor do I , day center bus came this morning and she happily go off , come home with present and Christmas card with photo of all staff on card and shows me the young :eek: man she like and what does her horoscope say for tomorrow look on that, pointing to computer so as i always tell her every day won't know till tomorrow , but always make up that they romance in the air , or if I found she getting to obsessed , because she can became very delusional about it, I tell her she going to meet loads of new friends and the moon in her sun says she going to feel very relax , so it does the trick and make her feel good , then the next days its love is in the air around her :).

so to night its quite night no chatting tomorrow who knows , then she start chatting to much , me forgetting how good it is to hear her chat ... cant win
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Jun 5, 2007
Margarita, you made me smile. I'd just love to have someone inventing such exciting and positive horoscopes for me. I wish my mum and I could have that kind of relationship too. :)


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