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Increasingly frequent blackouts


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Jan 24, 2013
My husband is 72 and in a care home
His condition is quite advanced, doubly incontinent, more or less unable to feed himself,
Cannot stand unaided
But he still knows me most of the time
He has been having more frequent periods when his blood pressure drops right down and he is unconscious for some time
The local a & e cannot find any reason for this and don't seem to have any experience with this situation

Does anyone have any knowledge of anything similar in their loved one?
it seems as thought a part of his brain is just shutting down for a time, will it happen one day and just not restart?

I would be so grateful if anyone out there has any clues as to what will happen next


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May 21, 2014
It could be what one hospital doctor just the other day called "hypoactive delirium" to me. There are no meds for it but he might have an infection that needs treating. If he's on any meds that make him drowsy, try and stop them.


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Aug 15, 2015
The way I understand it that sometimes, especially when older people stretch or lift their neck the veins become kinked like a hose pipe which makes them blackout. Quite common I believe.

My Mum blacked out at the weekend and took quite a few minutes to come round which is evidently more likely to be a TIA which she has had before.

Speaking to a nurse yesterday she said to take her blood pressure whilst she was laying down, then again when she stood up straight away from the laying down position and they will look at results.

Worrying though isn't it? It doesn't help as her food intake is sparrow portion, maybe the equivalent of a piece of toast and a fish finger in a day, so that can't help either.