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I'm Moving on again and i am so sad but so happy


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Jun 5, 2009
Gosh, here i am again. this time last year i was painting my house with a passion to get out of my dementia caring routine. I now have been in a care home for 6 months and have just landed another job and am excited and gutted. How the heck can i leave my folk that i care for. I went to the home to tell the manager there will be a phone call for a reference and i then went to the sitting room and my heart MELTED. I have taken these people into my heart, i thought i'd bombed the interview because i don't really know how i come across. The nurses today when i told them i was leaving were gutted and i thought "what am i like". I don't know. I phoned my old boss from years ago and said you will get a call for a reference and he said i'm not surprised. I said what am i and he said "you are you". I watched terry pratchett in awe and said to husband couldn't do that and i hope terry doesn't either but was in awe of that couple who found the strength. Last week before my holiday a daughter was in the home bragging to her partner that i was a sole carer to my mum and kept her till she died - that same lady had to watch her mum die in the home - who's the bravest, i so think her because i could not have lost my mum in public. I think i am mixed up, sad, excited gosh whatever, I just think i am an ex dementia/alzheimers carer who wants to do the best i can whatever that is. Please put a kind thought up for me cause right now i need it, i think i'll just have to cuddle my folk more before i have to leave them. X How sad is that line because reading it it is ripping my heart. X


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Dec 1, 2006
Hello Marchbank, I remember how excited you were to get the job in the Care Home. I hope your new job brings you just as much excitement and satisfaction. You only live once. You are right to move on if that is what is pulling you.
Best wishes. x


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Jul 20, 2008
Hi Marchbank,

I, too, remember when you first got the job and what upheaval you went through with all kinds of fears and feelings. Here you are now ready to move on to pastures new:) I am particularly pleased because you have been able to tell us that you are happy:) I think I know what you mean about not quite knowing how you are perceived. I often ask people how they see me as sometimes I seem to need a reality check. You will no doubt take all the love and experience you have gained into your next job and I feel that whoever it is you will be working for and with will be very fortunate indeed to have you.

Wishing you every happiness in your new job and hoping that it does't tear you apart too much leaving your current post.